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Why Wellness?

I didn’t always eat this way. As someone who saw sugary flakes as the perfect balanced breakfast (and occasionally an easy dinner), you could say I wasn’t always one to pay much attention to the quality of my food. The impetus to change my habits wasn’t out of wanting to lose weight (I’ve been blessed with long, lean genes) nor was it based on my love for animals (I love them, but I never had an ethical issue eating them). The wake up call literally came on my answering machine (yes, this was in the age of land lines). I pressed the blinking red button and listened to my aunt explain that Grandma had cancer again, this time in the liver. My eyes welled with tears, as I contemplated losing one of the most important people in my life. I had hope, though, that she could fight it again.

She tried, and anyone who knows my grandma knows she was a stubborn, feisty woman who desperately wanted to live. Unfortunately, months of chemo went by and her cancer kept spreading until she announced the difficult decision to stop treatment in 2011. My sadness turned to fury, not at my sweet grandmother, but at this disease that was ripping loved ones left and right from everyone’s lives.

I knew my situation was not unique, yet I wasn’t willing to accept that this was normal. So I started looking for answers. My first stop: Forks Over Knives, a documentary recommended to me by a friend. My mind was blown by all of evidence showing the link between animal protein, processed food and degenerative disease. I knew there were conflicting views of this theory, but I figured more plants couldn’t hurt, so I started to substitute healthier options into my diet. Nut milk instead of cow’s milk. More vegetables, less meat. I started to feel better and have more energy, so I kept going.

The next milestone was a ten-day juice cleanse. I thought it would be impossible. I love to eat. A lot. And yet I was kept full and satisfied by those nutrient-packed juices, and my energy was through the roof, past the point I ever thought possible. I was flying and glowing, and people noticed. My cravings for sugar and refined carbs lessened. I discovered new foods I didn’t know existed, and they were delicious at that. I felt incredibly satisfied and clear…and HAPPY. I had this feeling that I could do anything. So what did I really want to do? Tell everyone else about this!

People need to know the power of food, both detrimental and nourishing. This isn’t just about preventing disease, although that’s part of it. And unfortunately it was too late for my grandma; I watched her wither away before my eyes until she passed away in 2013.

This is about really living life. If everyone experienced optimal energy, wouldn’t they pursue their true passions in life? Live life to the fullest? That’s why I’m doing this.

My mission is to make wellness and vibrant-living the norm, making it affordable, easy, something everyone knows about. My vision is that all people have the energy and passion to pursue and live the life of their dreams.

Why Wellness?

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