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21 Days to Dance Your Way to Summer!

Thinking of the beach? Forget bikini bootcamps and “cleansing” till the cows come home, these last-minute efforts and attempts to feel good about your body are usually counterproductive and unsustainable.

There is a much easier, more fun way, and we’re here to guide you!…
With the inspiring results and strong community of women that came together for our 21-Day Courting Myself Challenge, we are excited to announce a brand NEW (Courting Myself ) 21-Day Challenge, starting June 1st! And in the spirit of the fast-approaching summer, it’s a DANCE PARTY!!!

Did you know that pushing your body to move in ways it hates produces cortisol, the stress hormone, which actually makes you hold ON to fat, especially in the mid-section? When your body and mind are happy and relaxed, it allows you to let go of what it really doesn’t need.

Furthermore, these intense, difficult workouts are often punishing and persist feelings of self-hate and insecurity.

The key is to love yourself exactly as you are in this moment NOW. And to listen to what your body wants and needs. That will inevitably involve movement because we actually love to move.

And we firmly believe in moving your body in accordance with your heart. Therefore, this Challenge is to listen to your body and heart everyday and move it in whatever way it really wants. For us, a favorite is dancing. We found ourselves in a hotel in Malaysia one morning spontaneously doing a mix of dance, yoga, pilates, and laughing!!!

Everyday we will post some sort of inspiration, whether a video, music, etc. It’s there to serve as inspiration, not instruction. It’s up to you to get in touch with your body and heart!

Who’s in?!

Kara & Carly’s Courting Myself 21-Day DANCE PARTY Challenge 

  • June 1st – 21st, 2015 (EST / PST)
  • This is a sacred group for women. We will “meet” on Facebook and we request that you commit to completing the 21 days, sharing pictures or posts as you go!
carlynoel21 Days to Dance Your Way to Summer!

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